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  Friedrich Theodor Tillmann Kaul - TILLMANN KAUL -


Friedrich Theodor Tillmann Kaul,

Friedrich Tillmann Theodor Kaul aka TILLMANN KAUL or simply Fritz, was born in Berlin on February 23rd, 1939.
After he grew up in Canada, he returned to Germany for a while, to get a technical education. In this period of his live he became very interested in aerodynamics and alternative energy. To satisfy his hunger for specific knowledge he traveled to Paris, France where he became the assistant of the well-known Polish sculptor Shamai Haber, who emigrated to France, in 1935. Fritz lived and worked with him in Paris for 6 years, from 1969 until 1975.
In 1977 Fritz briefly returned to Dusseldorf, before he decided to move to Spain, to follow his Kinetikum dreams of: generating alternative energy, and developing solar installations and windmills.

Many years he spent developing, installing, perfecting and maintenance of his solar systems and windmills in Ibiza, uniting his technical knowledge with his natural passion for art.

Until hardworking Fritz deducted that time had come for total dedication to art & nature, which he ’celebrated’
by creating his very first piece of art,
the Crock >>

the Crock

His perceptive eyes are intrigued by Mother Nature’s rocks, rubber & wood and discarded ’man made’ materials, such as parts of: machines, engines of cars & motorbikes. stainless steel and rusty iron, to create his uncostly, ’sustainable’, environmentally-friendly sculptures and installations by processing the collected elements into a visionary artwork.
He collects all rocks ’that speak to him’ and the old nails, that are found near Salinas, are very inspiring to Fritz, and he has created some amazing pieces of art with them.

Fritz’s studio is situated on a hill in one of the most beautiful parts of Northern Ibiza, where he finds himself surrounded by inspiring landscapes of green hills and beautiful valleys where the garden is part of the magical, natural scenery and seems to be a perfect place to exhibit his artworks amidst plants and grasses.

Some of his sculptures are huge, such as the, 6.30m high, giraffe that welcomes you when entering Fritz’s studio. Throughout the garden you will be enchanted by the variety of animals, made of stone and iron that hide between the plants or the insects and butterflies that rest in the warm sun.

A pack of rocky dogs, in all shapes and sizes, keep Fritz company as does the beautiful naked pole dancer and other human figures around his workshop and casa.
Outside, and in the workshop, you can see some aerodynamic and mechanically moving art objects, some powered by the wind.

Rocky dog by Tillmann KaulIron dog by Tillmann KaulRocky dog by Tillmann KaulRocky dog by Tillmann KaulRocky dog by Tillmann KaulDog made of iron and rocks by Tillmann Kaul

His artwork, known under the name Tillmann Kaul, is much appreciated by well-known artists, VIPs and art collectors, and over the years some of of his artwork was covered in the local newspaper and on TV.
From 1999 till 2004 Fritz was invited to expose his pieces of art in various art galleries in Germany and in 2004 & 2005 he was able to exhibit his art in the island of Ibiza.

In 2010 CLUB Diario de Ibiza decided to dedicate their exposition room for 3 weeks to Fritz’s one of a kind art under the name ’TRANSKINÉTICA’ as from 4 January 2011.

Fritz Kaul


If you would like to see Fritz’ artwork, you can contact him by phone to make an appointment !!

Tel.: + 34 620 415 918

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Friedrich Theodor Tillmann Kaul - TILLMANN KAUL - Sculptor in Ibiza